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Always remember whatever vehicle you choose better have a large stockpile of spare parts and tools. Was reminded today as rolling down interstate and suddenly began hearing noise whenever came of the accelerator pedal and coasting from rear of my favorite work truck.

Pinion bearings puked their guts out and pinion tried to crawl into gears and grenade rear end. Luckily was able to push in clutch, cost to upcoming ramp, call wrecker and before parts house closed had a parts needed ordered to fix. How many have every part in-house for your end of world vehicle? If had to 1990's though late 2000's Dakotas share lots of driveline parts and could scavenge if wanted to keep that truck running. Have a spare set of rotors and pads for all four corners on all trucks, enough filters and fluids for at least two or three services in my parts room at work. I do have a new computer in a Faraday box for the 93 Dakota and the 2001 3/4 ton diesel. Will eventually need them even without EMP as I drive trucks till the axles and entire drive train gives up.

Have enough parts to service all the bikes from the Harley Hummers through the Shovelheads, Evos and Twincam at least three or four times each in garage at house. Like to service bikes regularly and hate having to drive to Harley dealership or independent shop to buy when in the mood to service bikes. Every bike has a spare starter relay, brake pads, spark plugs, plug wires and more in left rear saddle bag. Have swapped more brakes or made minor tweaks on road trips than when home. When rode all the time never knew when an afternoon ride might turn into a vacation. Wife and I left to go on a one night week eked ride and didn't get home for over three weeks. We're on the old bikes and rode Blue Ridge Parkway to end, then Skyline Drive to end, then reversed it to turn toward Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky and had to wrench on a bike almost every evening to keep them 100% happy.

We actually have enough parts to build tjree more each of our end of world vehicles so could fix if break or just assemble another one if need. Have all bearings, seals, rings, etc for engines, wheels, spare brake components, carburetor kits, etc. Cannot think of a single part on my 1948 Harley Hummers or the 1956 Magneto Harley Hummers that do not have two to four of every part including oversize pistons and rings in case need to bore another 0.020, put new rings plus piston and bearings if motor gets tired from lots of use. So whatever vehicle you choose have spare parts.
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