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RG Coburn
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The red Jeep CJ-5 is actually a pre-1972. Shorter length front fenders,top mounted wipers.Gas tank under driver seat,narrower leaf springs.Actually,more likely to survive than a 1979,though do love late ones with the 258 I-6 because they were so reliable and easy to fix. The late ignitions were weird,some motorcraft sorta thing,with a brain box on the inside of the driver side fender. Those you wanted to keep a spare,as they always seemed to die on a weekend.
I had a 78 CJ-7. My first Jeep. 258 with a tremac t-150 trans.It was okay. I did the read diff swap to a Dana 44 flanged axle set up. Problem with 76-on up CJ was the box-style frames. Crap got into them,then rotted them from inside out. You almost never see a 76-up CJ around here,but there are older ones still going. Somebody ended up producing a galvanized replacement frame.

I curious how well ATV ignitions would fair after an EMP. Or how well a vehicle in a metal barn would hold up,vs. one sitting outside.Would clamping your jumper cables from the bumpers to a ground rod help?
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