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Nice looking trigger set. Once install a creep and over travel screw triggers have almost zero of either. Prefer a single stage unless shooting off a bench. A two stage in tactical environment feels like a trigger full of creep. On bench it's nice to take up till sitting right on edge then break like glass at 2 pounds. The Colt Match Triggers getting down under three pounds with zero creep or travel. Use a heavier hammer spring for 3 pound pull on my tactical rifles but varmint rifles are getting the Colt Match triggers down to 2.5 pounds for varmint rifles using softer civilian primers.

According to spring set and labor willing to put in with hammer and sear jigs can get the milspec style triggers down in 2.75 to 3.0 with light hammer spring and 3.25 to 3.5 pound range with stiffer hammer spring for hard primers. The mass of a milspec trigger has issues but adds reliability to ignition of hard primers. It's easier to lower trigger pull with low mass hammers but then hard primers become an issue if shoot a lot of milspec ammo. So much so have almost stopped using CCI #34 and #41 primers so can run hammer springs in rifles that mostly or only shoot handloads.
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