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Kind of reminds me of when FAL parts kits could be had for well under $100 for matching numbers kit and about $60 for non-matching number kits. Some of us have been kicking ourselves for not buying more kits when they were so cheap.

There are some brand names that seem un-effected by the resent market slump, like LaRue, Novesk, Les Bear, POF, DD, KNS. Most of the low price ARs are from relatively unknown makers. Then there are those in the middle like S&W, Ruger, Colt that prices have slipped but havenít gone bottom barrel yet.

Iíve been picking up good quality AR parts lately. Mainly looking at Aero upper and lowers. And when I can find them LAR uppers and Lowers. Just picked up a LAR OPS4 upper for $250 which just last year were over $400 on Gunbroker.

Anything that is quality built/ made will hold itís value. Cheap junk is still cheap junk no matter how much time passes.
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