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Mind defining inferior? Smith M&P 15's will run 20,000 rounds under abusive test conditions.

From late 1970's to early 1980's a NIB Colt SP1 was $425 if found a deal and as much as $495 based on features. Purchased my first CAR-15 at age 15 for $425 and that was a fair price considering places I was able to shop without a drivers license, was allowed to drive anywhere could get on dirt roads from age 12 to 15 which got me to one sporting goods/hunting outfitter and three hardware stores that sold guns. That rifle has more rounds through it than can count and would still take out the door into a unknown situation. Managed to buy a 20" with 3x scope and three prong flash hider plus an electroless nickle model that sold following a divorce where had to get money fast. Even in 92 people were paying top dollar for a AR 15 in Colt Guard hedging collector value that really hasn't peaked yet. Odd thing is can find them now on occasion for close to what sold that rifle 25 years ago. Negotiating on one right now as don't let deals on SP1's slip by.

Who cares if yesterday's $600 AR is now $400. Next administration change may be a $1,200 rifle. Today's $400 AR was $1,000 or more during Sandy Hook to right buyer. Was getting $900 for an SKS with 600 round tin of ammo. Pre ban AK's paid $125 for are $2,000 and up now. Never thought that would happen but glad I put several back. Doesn't matter what a gun cost a decade ago, right now or a decade from now. Buy it first only if have a desire for it. That way no matter which way market goes still have a gun you wanted. But like stocks/bonds, buying in a declining market (cost averaging) is a tried and true system. I play with guns because I like them.

Primary reason to stockpile is have a passel of nieces, nephews and 1st cousins kids that will all getting an AR and a handgun when estate is distributed. Recently purchased a home built AR on blem Palmetto lower for $200 that didn't function, owner was disgusted, his wife tired of him buying parts and swapping. Disassembled, reassembled properly and runs 100%. Bet he had $600 total in it considering box of parts he had tried that didn't fix his issue. Those parts are half of another junk box build. Next time running Cerakote will fix it's blemish issues and might double my money or more if decide don't want to store it long term.

Just like each niece, nephew and adopted son gets a Harley Davidson, all get an AR as well. Funny thing about motorcycles is like guns, if play the markets ups and downs can subsidize the hobby flipping a few on the side. Right now good running Shovelheads, low mileage Evo's and early generation Twinkies are selling $2,500 to $5,000 ready to ride home. 2002 through 2008 a Twinkie was $20,000 and nice Shovels/Evo's $7,000 to $12,000. '09 through '11 every construction worker or "instabiker" was selling Harleys for payoff before finance company reposessed. Bought one when guy got locked up over weekend and was in position to lose job if didn't show up for work on Monday. Paid his wife cash, she signed title which was in her name and put another in the stable for half what was current value because didn't have to wait on bank to open. Looking at a '99 Fatboy this week with under 900 miles. Owner let tires dry rot and won't crank due to bad gas and carburetor bowl full of shellac from evaporated fuel not drained when parked. Like the $200 Palmetto build that didn't run will likely buy it.

So I will keep buying name brand (Smith, Ruger, Colt, etc) bargain rifles and putting them back between builds. Will keep building rifles from take off parts left over when others upgrade base model rifles. Have two Harleys built from OEM parts people didn't want after addimg custom parts to their perfectly running factory bike. While companies like DD and some others have a following now, if they fold will be just another no name overpriced rifle. If want to pay that kind of money buy a SIG.
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