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Glad I invested last year and years before. Purchased a dozen Smith M&P 15's last year in half dozen lots last year. Paid $429 for first six and $399 for six between Christmas and New Years. Don't see Smith, Colts or other name brands going much below and had Hitlary won my guess is quality AR's would be a grand if could even find them. Purchased some in 2015 at $449 and at $479. My average cost currently is $450 per unit for Smiths bought on employee purchase. Don't see getting hurt too bad as name brand can only drop so far and still believe prices will go up sooner rather than later.

Figure in all the builds have under $200 total invested, others under $300 and nice rifles in the $400 to $800 range know if doesn't pay me will pay heirs well some day. Noveske Switchblock barrels are still selling in the $500 to $600 price range and White Oak Armament SPR/SDM barrels are still selling for $300 to $400 and believe if don't rag them out will hold their value, especially the ones that are still new in box. In a declining market you have to keep investing as never know when the tide will turn. Had Hilary been president especially following Las Vegas, AR's and all specialized accessories would be gone today.

Luckily was able to source three more Franklin Binary Firing System triggers right after Vegas for $292 and now they are $429 on their website with and 8+ week ship time. When the three arrived ordered two more from my vendor at $339 and between Slidefires and a pair of the binary triggers sold locally during the panic after Vegas during weekend Gunbroker pulled all listings had people willing to pay almost anything and every LGS was out as owner of one pulled all of his from inventory and took home. Only Slidefires I kept were AK as are no legal binary fire systems for them and between the two triggers and all my AR Slidefires managed to clear over $1,000 in two days before Gunbroker reversed it's policy.

When stocks are dropping the trick is to know when to sell short or keep buying. For me its keep buying and letting cost averaging do its thing. A few niche items have been good to me. Took some of my Slidefire windfall and invested in 60 round drum magazines for AR 15's found at a super deal and purchased myself a 50 round AR 10 drum magazine and took one of the AR 15 drums out of box. Rest are in original boxes and put in vaults. Just a matter of time before they shut down future manufacture. Bought a pile of the 25 round AR Stoner 6.8 AR 15 magazines plus a dozen 15 rounders during their recent sale. $8.99 with free shipping on 6.8 magazines was a "buy now" in my opinion. I don't see anyone who invested in name brand factory AR's for under $500 getting hurt if sit on long enough. Watching other niche items like factory 6.8 Mini 14's climb, Ruger and Remington 6.8 bolt actions climb as well due to low production numbers and already discontinued.

Keep looking at the $500 Colt snake guns in vault that are bringing $2,000 now. Purchased them because like Pony guns like SP1 AR's. Has price dropped on preban AR's? If had worried about price fluctuations in the late 70's and 80's would not have any SP1's. Recently sold a 98% Belgian Hi Power because offer price was $1,000 over paid price. Still have plenty of Hi Powers plus temptation to shoot and possibly scratch the near perfect Belgian is gone. I call it 98% because fired one magazine of ammo through it after purchased new but otherwise was not a mark or ding on it. The preban SKS-M's bought for under $100 because everyone wanted AK's or the cheaper SKS's sell for $900 in ban states. No pistol grip, no flash hider and bayonet comes off by drifting one pin. Unsure of their Cali status but glad I had foresight to pile them up because a bit odd and cheap.

Anyone not investing now is either a total genius or going to kick themselves later. Could have skipped Smiths at $479, $449 or $399 and then stacked heavy when able to get at $379 but had a run begun earlier would not have had in the box, factory guns to roll on market. Jury is still out but if Smith M&P's hit $349 to $359 will buy more and bring my average per unit price down again. Currently am at under $450 each average that are in valts as hedge for all heirs to have NIB rifles no matter future cost increases.

Have two builds grown tired of and no room in vault on consignment and will make at least couple hundred each if sell. One is at $400 built for under $200 and when took Slidefire stock off slapped a take off Smith stock got for free on it and without the slidefire just dont need so many 16" stock configuration parts rifles. Other is up for $900 and has a $390 retail barrel and can negotiate a bit to still make $200. Like the other, have so many 18" rifles need some vault room for the 24" WOA 5.56 builds, 13.7" and 18" Noveske 6.8 builds and the new 22 Noslers. Do not buy or build to resell but ocassionally tire of a gun or its value exceeds my desire to own. Wheel guns have climbed so much in recent years have sold several and 100% of money went back into other gun items. Traded two wheel guns for three suppressors before Trust laws changed.
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