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Originally posted by J. Armstrong
I know that is SOP but I prefer to start closed, and then open until I get a failure to hold open, then back a couple of clicks. Why ? Because if you start with the reg open, you will immediately get a failure to eject ( maybe even a failure to extract ) which means the fired and expanded case gets rammed back into the chamber, whereupon you will be executing a WECSOG pogo, and will do so repeatedly until you get enough gas to fully eject. I prefer not to have to bash the rifle against the ground unnecessarily, myself
The above is the procedure you use on a Commonwealth pattern ( inch ) rifle without the bho anyway.
Just MHO
Rather than start with the gas fully open, I start at about a '6' or even a 5-1/2. I've never had one lock back at that setting, but I always get a clean eject. Also, I then only have to expend two or three more rounds until I get the setting tuned in.

My current setting on my FAL is a '5'.
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