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Originally Posted by armed2012 View Post
Wow.. so the sights on this thing, theyre proprietary to Dutch? And the wood? And flash hider? This is the coolest parts build ive seen, please call it a tribute! Not a clone.. this a Dutch tribute fal !
I have to give a TON of credit To HUSS, he sourced 80% of the parts. The wood, handguards, buttplate, cleaning kit, sling, and a few other parts are real Dutch. The front sight im sure was custom made. All I did was source the remaining 20%, build it out on a DSA receiver, headspace, and then match the finish with a mix of GunKote paints. It shoots like you'd expect any FAL to, 100% function. As far as the front sights, the Dutch FAL has a few things that are ONLY found on their FALs. The Front sight, the buttplate, the flash hider, and a modification to the bolt, are all proprietary to the Dutch FAL.
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