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Originally Posted by wthurman View Post
Does yours have the 26" barrel? I understand that's not common though is standard on the magnums.
Mine has the standard 24" barrel, same as all M70's then in calibers .22 Hornet, 250 Savage,.270 win, 30-06, 7MM (7X57 Mauser), .257 Roberts. The .375 H&H had a 25" barrel and the .220 Swift and .300 H&H had 26" barrels.

Your rifle was a "Standard Model" and priced at $109.50, unless it was ordered with a Lyman 48 WJS which increased the price to $123.25. The "Super Grade" sold for $162.50.

Weatherby was building gaudy-looking rifles on an assortment of actions including military and commercial 98 Mauser actions, also Win M 70.

I had the chance to buy a M 70 in .22 Hornet for $600 at one time. Unfortunate, but that was about $500 more than I had to my name at the time.
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