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Originally Posted by wthurman View Post
This is a special rifle- more a part of history than a shooter. This piece is 62 years old; it will never see a day in the field and will probably never again be fired. Winchester's .308 was not introduced until 1952, two years after this particular rifle was built. If you bought your Model 70 slightly used in 1994, it is highly unlikely that the rifle was a pre-64 though it may have been. Any Winchester rifle with a serial number higher than 581471 is not a pre-64 rifle.

There was never a "Safari Grade" pre-64 made, to my knowledge. There was a "Super Grade" made which had a sling swivel similar to the now commonly known Quick Take-Down type only they were about " wide at the base. The bows were made of a crude casting. Very late SG guns & factory replacement parts, used a narrower base that is compatible with the common QD bases. The magazine cover has "SUPER GRADE" stamped in the outside of the cover. The front sight was a Redfield sourdough. Wood was a higher grade than was found on the standard grade guns. There was a grip cap on these versions.

There was also an Alaskan Grade pre-64 which was available in both .338 Winchester Magnum and .375 H&H Magnum calibers. The African was only available in .458 Winchester Magnum.

The pre-64 Model 70 has an interesting and varied history and your rifle may well have been one.

Um, tigers are endangered. Don't even think about shooting one unless it's come down to you or the tiger. The .300 H&H Magnum is not enough gun for bear- for that, buy a .338 WM or .375 H&H. Hunt- and shoot- responsibly.
So many guns, so little time! Sir you are correct about the model. Had to reboot my not so sharp memory banks and look at some pics on the web to recall, however I digress I don't recall all the details. If my memory serves me correctly it was a Winchester Model 70, Pre-64, Featherweight in .308

The lightened version of the standard Model 70, with aluminum trigger guard and floor plate, walnut Monte Carlo stock, drilled and tapped for scope mount, and had the solid bolt handle made in 52 to early 53. At any rate it was a darn fine rifle and looked similar to yours.

As for the tiger & Griz hunting I was only kidding of course, and If I were to even consider Griz hunting it certainly wouldn't be with anything less than .338WM including a very experienced backup. I value my hide to much only to end up as bear scat!
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