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Jackpot!! Man that was a great score, beautiful rifle looks exactly like the Safari Grade Model 70 in 308 that I once owned some years ago. I bought it in 94 slightly used as the fellow had shot it once during the first fall season after his purchase years before.
It was also still in the box as well but by far not as nice as the one you scored. I think the 30-06 Safari Grade Mod 70 was a little rarer than the 308 and demanded a higher price or it could have been the other way around can't remember. Anyway I paid $300.00 his asking price for it and then sold it 2 years later for $900.00 at a gun show to a collector dealer.
Regrets, wish I had'nt sold that rifle. So are you gonna take it on a Tiger or Griz hunt or have'nt you decided at this point what your gonna use it on?

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