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Originally Posted by Trypcil View Post
Sad really - most people cannot fathom that a told history is largely “Bunk”!
not so much bunk as completely scripted.

some examples:

Did the Reich crush bones ?
ugh' yeah but the purpose was not to hide shit, they reduced them to bone meal and the machines were actually pretty small. Not "huge":

That is the only real pic of a Nazi bone mill
This was being done to produce bone meal fertilizer.

Story is the Nazis had the mass graves exhumed and the remains burned, the bones reduced to meal. That's the root of V's haberdashery.

I'll I mentioned was the crematoria lifespans

Fueling is another matter
I mean how as this being done ?
Did the Nazis have some special technology they stole from the Grey Aliens ?
seemingly so...
obviously Extraterestial Collusion huh...

The reich had very little resources, no petrol to speak of.

V likely thinks the Reptiliods did this with Plasma furnaces
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