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RSS, your holocaust denial is just amazing.

Waiting a few days to try and re-establish your goal, to find a home on line, to turn this forum into a home for nazis and holcaust deniers, as an attractant-bait, like for coyotes, is just not going to happen.

Your false facts are just beyond mirth.

So, the nazis did not have enough fuel to burn up the cremated corpses, is your latest scam? If you noticed from the actual history of cremations, they burned those 13-30 million, just enough to burn up the fat & tissues.

I guess you think that the constant smoke from the crematoriums was just bread baking eh?

The Nazis employed huge bone grinding machines to turn the piles of bones into dust.

Freedom of speech must allow you to try, but the fact of your Nazi Love/Jewishness hatred, has to be pointed out.

I guess the Nazis were just baking bread in those crematoriums eh?

Why did they destroy and bulldoze so many of the camps? They could not get to all of them in time, as the Russians came upon Maidenek first.

I have the films of Maidenek in the DVD, "And Nght Will Fall."

Germany and the Nazis killed 57 million and about 12-15 million ethnic Germans, for a total body count of say 70 million.

And you imply that maybe 100-200 or so people, in total, were killed during the war and most of them were sick anyway.

That Lend Lease was a war crime is just an insane thing to put forth.

I guess the Nazis forced construction of the 1200 or more, work and extermination camps, in the 20 countries that they occupied by force, was just "an investment in the future", and a legal thing to do?

What do you call that? "Lend-Kill"?

You sure set the high water mark here on Nazi innocence and infallibility.

History proves you wrong in physical evidence each and every day, in the Battlefield archeological digs, in Europe and Russia.

Russia belonged to Russians, not the cro-magnon throwbacks of the wiener schnitzel gang.
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