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Whaever are you rambling on about?

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
I didn't state the Diggers & Kiwis didn't contribute to the Pacific War, simply that they had their sectors of operation & we had our own. Largely they were active in areas controlled by the Dutch East India Company.
Hogwash: "how many Aussies & Kewis fought in the Pacific theater during WWII ?
Some were in Indonesia. How many took back islands from the Empire ?
How many stormed beach heads ?
Did they lend a hand at Tarawa, Guam, Okinawa, the Philippines, etc ?"


You asked how many fought. You said right here the Australians did nothing aubot taking back the Philippines when the did assist at Leyte. They fought under deplorable conditions taking back New Guinea (of which they owned half) to include enduring being cannibalized by the Japaneses, try reading about what they endured during their fighting on the Kokoda Trail. Their military fought in The Dutch East Indies under the ABDA because they were attempting to turn back the Japaneses invasion and lost some of their largest ships, noting shady about that. Had Mac not told them to downsize their military and let America do the fighting they would have contributed far more.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Post WWII there was just a ton of land grabbing going on in the Pacific. The Brits ended up embedded in Burma & Malaysia, French in Indochina and we seized a swath of Pacific Islands.
The land grab you're speaking of was nothing more than Europe taking their colonies back and America taking over Japanese possesions

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
We handled the Philippines differently than we did after the SA war. This time we gave them a true level of autonomy. Backside it was better to have native governments under our control than the possibility of another insurrection.
See this time it would not have been Barongs and Kries against Springfield Rifles. The islanders were quite well armed, battle hardened. It would have been a complete bloodbath.
No. under the Tidings-McDuffie Act the US had already started transitioning control of the Philippines to self rule in preparation for their independence and if not for the Japanese invasion would have been completed by 1946 at the latest. Japan should have waited a few more years to invade.

As far as a bloodbath, no. The Filipino troops that tried fending off the Japanese when they landed at Lingayen Gulf was a complete route. Most were drafted and fired only 2 or 3 rounds before fleeing. Besides that, even at unit levels they had problems communicating amongst themselves because of so many different languages. Sure the Filipino Scouts were good soldiers but as a whole there was much to be desired. The Filipinos weren't the Indonesians who hated the Dutch so much that they were rounding up every white person they could find and turning them over to the Japanese, the Filipinos fought and died protecting Americans the entire time Japan occupied their country and greatly appreciated them defending their islands.

Before WWII America dumped so much money into the Philippines that they had the second largest economy in East Asia so we had always handled our colony quite differently than Europeans did theirs.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Sure, Eugenics was rampant. You can't use that to excuse your Fat Bastard then condemn it's use by the Reich. It was just evil across the board PERIOD.
In your rush to always shout down anybody who doesn't share your perspective you obviously missed the fact that's what I was referring to in the first place, America had their own little bit of eugenics going on as well.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Churchill to a great deal is responsible for the awful mess in the middle east today. He wrote one statement positively gleeful when the RAF started Chemical bombing the "WOGS"in Mesopotamia. Yeah civilian populations.
This was after Laurence had left Damascus.
Honestly I suspect Churchill had him murdered. .
Nope, the Middle East has always been a cluster f--k, even long before the Brits started lobbing chemical weapons at them. You need look no further than the state of the Ottoman Empire before it collapsed to see that. And there were quite a few in the British Office Corp that were pleased with the results of lobbing artillery at the Kurds, not just Churchill so you shouldn't single him out. Crap the Arabs couldn't even get together to make their beloved Damascus work once they captured it, and that was before the Brits started occupying the Middle East. They've always been tribal and always will be.

SInce we're discussing nutty CTs a lot of people that knew Lawrence suggest that he might have done himself in.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
I used to have huge respect for Teddy Roosevelt
He was another mommas boy and insanely Liberal. Like Churchill a brilliant writer & speaker. Like Churchill a pig that believed in sterilization campaigns, involuntary incarceration of the unfit and of course their forced labor.
Between the way you strut around this site with a chip on your shoulder and dare anybody to knock it off and your long winded responses you have much more with TR than you realize. It's no surprise you're so critical of him.

Once again eugenics was rampant, thanks for proving the point I was making.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Think some
Was Hitler an Alpha Male ?
How about Himmler or Goebbles...
Hitler "maybe", he was an actual War hero however even that said he was another little man with a huge chip on his shoulder

Winnie & Teddy ?
Peter Pan syndrome. Boys who never grew up from playing with brightly painted toy soldiers. Indulged at every turn by their filthy rich families who grew into an extremely false sense of superiority.
Non sequitur. Your personal opinion has what to do with this? Churchill stood up to Lord Halifax and the rest of surrender minded cadre and called Hitler out as a two bit thug that had hijacked a country that he was. If not for him it's quite possible the Brits would have gone the same way as the French and in the end history proved him right and despite his many faults he deserves to be recognized for it because like it or not WWII would have been very different without him.
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