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Revisionist maddness cannot be allowed to stand.

Thousands of Germans had relocated east and south, to occupy the former homes of Jews, in the occupied countries, and the homes of "other" undesirables.

That thru 1948, these German scum tresspassers--thousands of them, were brutalized by the anti-Nazi locals, is undisputed fact. You tube videos confirm such.

These Germans were unable to flee west fast enough, due to Russian occupation, military checkpoints, and the growth of the Communist Parties in those countries. We did not give a shit, and let "bygones" murder the tresspassers....not our problem.

For years almost everyone left alive in Germany, was vetted by either the Allies or Russia, for criminal nazi backgrounds, and for fodder to take to the Trials or Siberia.

Gold mining in Siberia is very labor intensive--they mine frozen ground year round, and have to keep the wash plants operating in subzero conditions. Many Nazi bodies were burned for fuel.

Ever see films of those lines examining both civilians and soldiers in Germany after the war?

The very first Trials happened in 1945 at the camps.

Admiration for those dead heroic German soldiers...assholes who murdered 57 million, many of them unarmed individuals, tells the tale of inherent German cowardace, lack of morality, and total lack of common sense; they were more like dogs and ravenous wolves, than humans. Monkeys are better citizens than Nazis.
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