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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
I REALLY don't care for the plastic grips either.

Rather than fussing around trying to cut and fit parts to another plastic grip, grab a wood one, shape/contour it to your hand, get it where ya want it to be, then apply 3 or 4 coats of black enamel paint, making it look like plastic and don't have any issues with fitting the original trigger plate, pins, screws, springs etc.
Just stay away from those critical fitment areas up front and where the grip seats to the lower.

Mark mentioned building it up with plastic/fiberglass, then shaping to your desires/needs, another good option.

Trying to fit a grip, that is not designed for the rifle, all the critical fitment areas must be addressed, which is time consuming and subject to failure, using an existing grip, that was designed for the rifle, adding and removing materials is going to be a lot easier and insures the end product actually fits properly.

The trigger plate and plunger, needs to be near exact to exert the proper pressure and tension on the trigger or you will end up with major problems.

Avoiding all that will make a man real happy at the end of the day.
OK, thank you for the advise. I'll try reshaping a wooden grip.

At this moment it seems more difficult than drilling few holes, but I'll trust you.

To answer your question - as long as there are no legal issues or requirements on US (or other) side, any small part is OK for me to get. I can't easily order parts as barrels, a main body of a reciever, bolt carriers. A frame and a slide of a pistol or a frame and a cylinder of a revolver. Anything else is fine.

I could order even those main parts, but that is extremely time consuming, fairly expensive and logistical and legal pain in the butt
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