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Originally Posted by Kondrik View Post
Hello everyone!

I recently bought a British L1A1. It is my first rifle and I love it. The only thing that bugs me is the pistol grip. That thing is uncomfortable as hell. I tried putting a Hogue grip sleeve on it, but I wasn't satisfied.

Because aftermarket parts and upgrades for inch pattern rifles are basically non existent, I'm playing with an idea of making my own pistol grip entirely.

Here's the idea - I would use a Magpul MOE-K2 pistol grip for an AK. That grip is flat and straight on the top and front end, just like the L1A1 standard grip. For start I'd fill the top with epoxy, then drill one hole for the trigger plunger and its spring and one for the grip screw. Then screw the front plate in.

I haven't figured out how to put the trigger guard in the assembly. I'd probably use FAL trigger guard.

Do you think it's doable, or a total bullsh... mistake?

Well the cost of admission is only $20. Worse comes to worse keep the old one.
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