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I called the fellow who has the G3 kits and wanted to see if he was willing to wheel and deal for a kit or two. I couldn't get that baby poop camo out of the back of my mind...
Needless to say, he wouldn't. Apparently someone after I saw him at the show told him that Rhodie G3 kits were super rare and that he was sitting on a gold mine. He stated the barrels had "royal FMP" stamps. Something I missed when I looked over the kits. Im betting they are all Portuguese G3s. I remember reading that Rhodesian forces acquired a bunch of G3s as Portugual left Mozambique.
He only had two kits left and wanted $800 ea now. Stating that they will be on Goebroker soon. I passed.

Two days ago on my local gunlistings there was a pre ban HK91 with bipod. I emailed the owner and after a short negotiation. I traded a Fulton M14 and a stainless USP 40 for a 1981 dated HK 91 with bipod and 25+ mags most are in there original paper. No real handling marks, the only wear on the 91 is inside the magwell. Id say 95%+ original condition.

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