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Originally Posted by 1911Ron View Post
Has anyone used the Titanium muzzle device made by DSA? If one was to use an alloy lower and the titanium MD would it move the balance point one way or the other adversely?
It would be an improvement, IMO, although I'm not sure how noticeable it would be. I wish they'd do an FNC-style version. If you're going for light while still maintaining function, you might as well go all the way. It'd take another ounce or so off.

I recall r1shooter mentioning a titanium gas block with substantial weight saving resulting therefrom, but it doesn't seem to have entered production for sales purposes. That's be nice as well, same as their titanium receiver, although it would make more sense, if you're going for light, to go with a Type 1 rather than a Type 2 (and I think the Type 1 looks better, anyways).

I think the charging handle slide and carry handle wire are prime candidates for titanium substitution as well, and also some of the pins. If DSA made that stuff, it would all get pretty expensive, though, but you could probably end up with something noticeably lighter than a SCAR, even with a scope mount.
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