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Soon as I get some "Me" time I am going to finish my "Lite weight FAL project"

I think a great way to get quite a bit of weight savings is to use a short gas system barrel, that way you have much more barrel surface that is skinny i.e. post gas block barrel surface, you can even turn down the dimension from the standard .590 to at least .560, or as small as the bipod groove or sling swivel groove is, if it wasn't safe I don't think FN would have turned that area down to that dimension, the whole "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" thing.

Also if you cut the barrel down to 14.5 and add a lite weight Hurricane flashider and permanently attach it you'll lose another 1 1/2 inches of barrel weight and still have the required 16" barrel length.

See if you can track down an old DSA Aluminum standard top cover, they're light as a feather!
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