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Originally Posted by VAplinker View Post
How is force matching adding to historical correctness? Appreciate the former Rhodie parts for what they are. No need to alter the other bits. I have US made parts on my build, and the Rhodie parts are an amalgamation - nothing wrong with that. It has its own story to tell.
The only parts that I would like to "match" are two DSA aluminum lowers. The bolt carriers already have RA numbers, as do the rest of the other lowers. In the extreme case that I ever need to sell the uppers, I'm going to leave those alone. Pretty easy to tell a DSA lower apart, even if it's been painted in baby shit and mustard, even without taking the rifle apart. I conduct myself honestly and forthrightly, but I care little about what the thieves and scammers may choose to do (which they're going to do anyway if the profits are right).
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