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The last batch to be imported and sold off, by Sarco in 2014 I believe, were going for $995 plus shipping, though they were already selling for significantly more than that on the secondary market. All the last Sarco items were mag restricted, while earlier imports through CAI seemed to be restricted or non-restricted, depending on the time. I've seen them lately going for around 2.5 large on the gun auction/sales sites, near the same vicinity as real US trench shotguns.

There seems to have been an earlier FN Police Model sold prior to the Rhodesian jobs in the late '60s or early '70s, but I haven't seen such an example, all I've seen are the Rhodies.

There is some question as to whether the Rhodesian models were purchased straight from FN, or else something cobbled together by someone aftermarket. While the stock is traditional walnut, the fore end is oak or beech wood. The receiver serial numbers are not continuous and in fact have four different letter prefixes that I have seen, plus the barrel serials do not match the receiver numbers. And while standard A5s employ seamless mag tubes, the extended mag on my Rhody Police Model is seamed tubing.

Would be nice if someone with first hand knowledge could relate the whole story of these unique shotguns as time is starting to run out on those involved in the Bush Wars.

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