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I referenced this thread the other night while replacing the barrel on my Imbel. It hand timed (no tools) to about 11:30. And it timed to 12:00 with about 30 ft-lbs. I was not comfortable with this so I measured the my two barrels. The best I could figure was a difference between the shoulder and breach face between the two of about .001-.003"
I found a "breaching washer" / shim laying around my dad's wood shop that had a thickness of about .001" so I cut a hole out of it that would fit around the threads and then it hand timed to about 10:45. Used a torque wrench to time it to 12:00 and it's right around 110 ft-lbs now. Actually it's about 12:10 so I need to back it off a bit. But the shim worked fine. It was made by a company called "Natural Light" in case anyone was curious.
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