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Sure, you can add holes, but ya gotta weld them up if ya add too many!

Start by gauging the holes, 3/32? I dunno, get some drill bits and find out what size the existing holes are.

Drill two holes, one at 11 and one at 1 o'clock, see if that helps your gas issue while still cycling.

If you still think it needs more, just be patient and dont get all crazy. It is an AK. It can take the beating ferom slight 'overgassing'.

On a side note, IF you have a spare gas cylinder off of a Romy or WASR10 that fits and has the half circle holes up front, do an experiment and see how many holes you can add before it short strokes or fails to extract. Take copius notes with drill sizes, locations and plenty of pics. I think it would be interesting.
On a side note, I have a Russian gas cylinder with 3 small ports down each side, it gases like a dragster on launch!!!
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