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Hey Redneck-(Not often you can say that without getting your teeth knocked out)

Don't give up on these guys yet. I bought 3k of the pinged some time ago, shot about 1k so far. No problems whatsoever. Shooting in a DS Arms STG-58. I did sort the stuff by headstamp, had no TZ80 in there at all. 50% TZ, 50% KU, and a smattering of FN with the NATO cross.

Everything goes bang, feeds and ejects. Accuracy is fine for me (I'm no rifleman YET). I save all my brass, know what a case looks like when it ain't right. All my brass is fine. Have reloaded some of the boxer stuff, but haven't shot it yet.

I'll admit I'm watching my ammo a little closer after reading some of posts here, 'cause a lot of these guys know their stuff. But I wouldn't shy away from Southern Ammo at all.

If I get to 2k rounds fired with no problems, I'm gonna order another 3k.
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