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I am stillnot 100% on this stuff I am goiing to shoot up the other 500 Ive gotten and see what the deal is -- at least if I keep better track of it this time maybe I can help pinpoint the trend etc. I just have not had a problem thus far maybe I am just lucky to this point ..... Who knows --for now If I needed another 1K I'd call southern agian.
Id like to see more info like Jeter said --you know headspace --possible firing out of battery problems -slightly long or out of spec rounds maybe ? If this is happening this often (1 out of 50 ) more people must have failures to report if it has only happened to a few overall there must be some identifiable condition causing it wether its the ammo or something else, The tumbling issue was already looked at in another thread and seems unlikly so what else could it be ? primers, powder, case, sizing , must be some sort of trend --right ?
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