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Good looking guns.

There used to be a website: Decoding to FEG Hi Power. However it's now become an e-book:

I don't kindle so not sure if it would be readable on a computer.

Main point with FEG hi powers is you want to make sure it has a hi power barrel and not a S&W 59 style barrel.

The tell tale sign is the oval shaped frame pin viewable on the right side of the frame to the rear of the slide stop pin and trigger pin. FEG Hi Powers have the pin FEG S&W 59 clones don't.

The FEG Hi Powers will take all FN/Browning parts.

Check out Greg Cote for Mec Gar FN Hi Power mags. He usually has the best deal on mags. He's moving his business at the minute to a more gun friendly state:
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