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At this point I was so disgusted with my whole experience and felt like I had an unsafe weapon, so I decided to email the sales manager that I had spoke to previously about my DSA mags not locking in. This email was sent on Saturday 3 March. The following Monday afternoon I hadn't heard back, so I called. Was informed the sales guy was out for the day. The next day, late afternoon, I still hadn't heard back from him, so I decided to call. I ended up getting him on the phone and he told me he glanced at my email, but hadn't had a chance to really get in to it... whatever that means. Anyway, I told him that the gist of the email was outlining all the issues I've had, my safety concerns and my recent lack of confidence in their products. I went on to tell him that I wanted to cut ties with DSA and I expected a refund for all of the products I had recently purchased for this FAL project, including the FAL itself. He agreed to these terms and asked me to email him my receipts and he would get back to me with what to do next.

On Thursday 8 March I still hadn't received confirmation that he had the receipts, so I once again decided to call. He wasn't in, but I did speak to a guy that told me to go ahead and ship everything to them and include my receipts in the box. I went to FedEx immediately after and shipped everything. Ended up emailing the original sales guy to tell him I had shipped and gave him the tracking #. I should note that shipping firearms makes me nervous, especially such a high-dollar firearm. So I like to be informed immediately upon it's arrival. Not too much to expect I feel.

Monday 12 March I received an email from the sales guy telling me he's sorry for not getting back to me, blah, blah, blah, and that he'll inform me right away when he gets my rifle. According to tracking it showed up about 2 hours after he sent me that email, but alas no call. Tuesday 13 March I called to make sure it had arrived, surprise, the sales guy wasn't in. The girl that answered the phone checked for me and confirmed it was there. I told her that I need to get this issue taken care of and I need my money back seeing how they now have all of the pieces they need. She transferred me to the same guy I spoke to that told me to go ahead and ship it. I was informed that the original sales guy I was working with recently had a baby so he wasn't at the office very much for a while. He said to give him 24 hours and he'd contact me to start my refund process. Well, it's now been 24 hours and I'm still waiting for the call. Thankfully I have no problem being a PITA, so I'll call later if I haven't heard back.

It's great that the original sales guy had a new baby. But if he's not going to be able to follow up with customers, he needs to pass them on to someone else that can assist them in a timely manner. We're talking about a lot of money here, and while I know DSA is busy, I think the sort of issue I had with the burst fire should have garnered a lot more attention than I have gotten.

DSA has serious issues with QC and timely customer service and they've lost this customer for life. Will update as more info comes available.
UPDATE: Should be getting my refund within 36 hours.

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