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I have had two Colt 9mm Commanders. One alloy frame and one steel Combat Commander.

The LW Commander was highly inaccurate and wouldn't feed anything but FMJ. So I traded it off without a second thought. Replaced it with a S&W Model 39 no dash which I still own.

The Combat Commander was another inaccurate piece. Mounted it in my Ransom Rest and at 25 yards it gave 12 inch groups at best. Absolutely useless IMNSHO. But I decided to do something the this CC. Mailed it off to BarSto and had them hand fit one of their barrel/bushing units. Got it back and in the RR it was giving sub two inch groups with any load I tried. Had a gunsmith fit a MMC adjustable rear sight and a Wilson match grade trigger along with a trigger job.

The only 9mm pistol I own that will outshoot it is my Sig P210-6.

I bought several Mec-Gar magazines for the CC. They have the filler strip at the back of the magazine and work just fine. Also easy to take down for cleaning. Can't beat the Mec-Gar's for the money IMO.

And so it goes.

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