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Originally Posted by Tuscan Raider View Post
We have precedence of guns and ammo provided.

AK shoot. Didn't own one. Shot it.
Mil surp bolt action. Didn't own one. Shot it. Bought one for a bit.
You did your Fal shoot, I didn't. No biggie.

You don't have to do the pistol event. My intent is to pull people
out of their norm. In case of something out of the norm. Which
I have done for many shoots now.

T,You have missed some fun pistol events, and missed you not there
to have fun with us.

Also, I was at the entrance of Sea-Tac at the start of the lockdown.
Back an hour later. Bad day.

That's the event.
No worries dude. Just stating my thoughts. You know I always enjoy your company. I have missed some good times and I hope I can make it this year.

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