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DSA Issues

I work for a International Weapons Broker, It's not an EZ business to be in, Place a bid to buy stuff only to get blown out of the water by someone else, Even the International scrap dealers are bidding these days as older weapons were made from a better quality of steel compared to the SHIT that is made today.Then you have the UN trying to convince every third world shit hole to sell only to another country or supposedly get paid by the UN to scrap it. As far as 65K Fal Files members, I call BS big time. Most websites are lucky to retain a hundred members at any given time and I'll bet you their are less than half that here.The owners think up names and make it look like a huge membership to attract corporate sponsors. If it wasn't for the corporate advertizers, Who by the way are all gone here too, Most would be mooching off the membership like someone we all know here has done allot. But who cares, The issue is with DSA and yes quality control has hit an all time low with them and YES DSA does have distributors with parts, Try Midway, Brownells, Aimsurplus and many others. Hell even CDNN has started selling DSA 30 rnd mags as of late, And they even sell that shit from TAPCO or is that SHITCO as I heard that more than half their shit is made in Taiwan. I quit dealing with them the minute they started selling that cheap plastic junk they market. But due to politics, No real place to sell military weapons anymore as even the African continent is so over loaded with Ak-47's and with the Russians recently planning on scrapping 47 million Ak-47,s and the Chinese will be scrapping over half a billion real soon as they too have no place to sell them, But It's really going to get real interesting this year to see what OBIMBO try,s to do when he starts selling off more US Military hardware this fall. Anybody for some nicely refurbished F16D's or rehabbed M1 Abrams tanks. It's coming, You watch.

urwrldn3d, Nice post by the way, Hope you got all your money back, At least something good came about this post. Just remember this though, The Fal is a rather unique to make weapon and when properly made it works when most others fail, But time has caught up with it and it,s a shame that it's original manufacture FN Herstahl discontinued the platform in 1988. Maybe one day you'll be able to afford a real one, But by then it just might be worth more as a collector piece than a shooting weapon. Just like a real G-Series Fal or FN Cal has as of late.
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