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Originally Posted by Will_Power View Post
So as a guy who is still putting together the dollars and dimes to embark on his first FAL project, all the recent bad press about DSA is exceptionally disheartening.

How do you guys figure the future of the FAL as a supported platform is looking? With the exception of the Coonan receivers, DS Arms is the only game in town for new parts, right?

I guess being a semiauto rifle newb I'm just hesistent about building everything out of used mil-surplus, you know? Maybe that's an unjustified sentiment; you guys tell me.
The DSA Rep has for the most part, left the building so I don't know if those questions will ever get answered. Maybe someone from DSA will come back after the realize that the 65k+ members here are their bread & butter. At the moment they seem to be more concerned with filling military contracts and hanging out on where their vendor status protects them from having to answer "uncomfortable" questions about their QC & customer service. What told me the real story was when I read a post about the so called "break in period" and the rep admitted that the stuff they sell to foreign militaries goes through a much better QC process than the stuff they sell to us. Now that statement may have been deleted by now or edited and the rep will probably call me a liar for bringing it up but I KNOW what I read and a bunch of you guys read it too.. It's a sad day in the FAL world when the largest supplier of FAL parts in the country abandons the largest & best FAL related website in the world because of 1 thin skinned factory rep who answered questions with insults, smoke & mirrors. Here's a suggestion for the DSA guy since I KNOW he still comes here & lurks.. If you're company has grown too big to care about dealing with us "hobbiests" why not do what some of the other bigshots in the business have done and have a network of distributors handle private sales ? Not that I'm at all impressed with their products, but that's what Tapco is doing these days among others. The smalltime distributors are hungry enough to actually give a shit about their customers, would keep their inventory current, and you bigshot international gun brokers wouldn't have to listen to us peons whining about the quality of your stuff anymore. You already have a few companies peddling your FAL mags. Why not do it with you're entire line of parts ? You have obviously forgotten how your company got it's start...
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