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Had an order for a lot of DSA small part for FAL. Also ordered one of the $240 uppers and an AR charging handle. Both AR items were on backorder. Got all the FAL stuff in short order. The charging handle came about 2 weeks later and I did get e-mail confirmation that the parts were enroute. Never heard anything about when the upper was going to be shipped. After about 1.5 months sent an e-mail inquiring as to when they would be in stock. Never got a reply. Finally called them up after 2 months and just cancelled the upper. Found one at PSA in stock. Probably best to call them in advance to make sure they have stuff in stock before ordering. Would be nice if they would have their website update their stock availability like everyone else in the world. Stinks that their build quality has gone downhill. Good that they honor their warranty. Hopefully they will step it up and start making quality, dependable FALs again.
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