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Originally Posted by randy762ak View Post
When they get to the CMP the best ones will go to the Auction section where Millionaires can out bid each other way past what we commoners can afford !!

The next better batch will be picked over many times By the ""Select Few Friends"" Like the top dogs at the Grand collectors assoc.

The mismatched and Sloppy seconds will be offered to We the common trash people at prices Exceeding what a New Ruger can be had for !!

If they get a batch of Brand new Barrels etc they will sell them Tuesday AM for 10$ bucks each Buy as many as you Like in one shot with your master card NO Limit so when the rest of us get Home they will be all gone -But Cheer up you will still be able to get one off the web for $150.00 from the guy who bought 75 of them that morning !!! And That my friends is How its going to go with the CMP!!!
THIS. Then the old bastards will put them on a gun show table at a hefty increase. They say you will only get one, and that's done by lottery, but we will see.
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