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Originally Posted by TenTea View Post
Was attacked by a black bear, a wolf and a wolverine...all at once, in my dream last night.
I pulled my 1911 and fired off all 8 rounds at close range, best I could, but they were not dead!
And me, with no spare mag at hand.
Everybody knows that for dispatching such creatures you need three rounds each. Shoot the Wolf first as he is the one most likely to press an attack. The other two only get testy if you're fooling with their food or cubs and will give up an attack if you give up your backpack.
You need some Wilson or Chip McC Power Mags in the 8 round version and be sure to use Carry Condition Three.

My usual carry piece is a CZ 75 with a 14 round mag so I generally don't carry a spare mag.
If I can't extract myself from a sticky situation with 15 rounds, I'm probably toast by then anyway.
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