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Originally Posted by SPEEDGUNNER View Post
What would be the correct sling for one of these Rhodie A5 shotguns? Would the Rhodesians have even used a sling?
In all the pics of these Rhodie FN Police Model shotguns I've seen, I've rarely come across a sling. Note in the fairly well known photo below, there is a Police model in the center without a sling and a standard A5 off to the right with a sling (another A5 or A9 at the far right, can't tell which, also can't see enough to determine if slinged or not).

Here's a relatively rare pic of an A9 with a sling, have no idea if the sling is Rhodie issue or not:

Another A9 with a sling, but this must be a post Bush Wars addition:

Given the leverage on the extended mag tube only anchored at the receiver end, I wouldn't choose to stress it with a sling. YMMV.

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