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Thats one of the better Sarco guns, most of them were really beat compared to the older Century guns, which were still showing heavy use. Some of these had baby poop paint on them too. A lot of them have color mismatched wood, the forends got swapped around.

The Rhodesian shotguns with the 8 shot tubes were factory guns, not put together or modified later. FN sold a handful of these police shotguns to police forces in other countries, Ezell mentions this in an old edition of Small Arms Of the World. I'll see if I can find it. The A5 police model was not a big seller, it was too expensive compared to contemporary pump shotguns. Ironically the US military spent several hundred thousand dollars back in the late 1970s on the Heckler and Koch CAWS shotgun project when they could have just bought these. Mine is very fast firing and reliable.And it holds nine 2-3/4 rounds of buckshot or slugs.

What's it worth? I'd like to know what mines worth. Ten years ago you could buy a near mint US marked Remington riot gun for 1/3 of what they bring now. Military shotguns are hot tickets.

Don't spread our wealth around, spread our work ethic.........

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