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Good AK Building Tutorial/Instructions?

I've got my Global Trades/Arsenel receiver on order so I figured while I wait for it to hit my FFL's doorsteps I would try to find a decent AK building video/DVD or a decent build book. I've read a couple of website builds and info. I also read SGN's most recent article about building an AK but I feel like I need a little more info. I've used AGIs tapes in the past for my FFL builds and my custom mauser builds. What do you guys recommend? Hey, does anyone have a good instructional I could barrow or even rent? Man, I've tried to get Blockbuster to start a gunsmithing section. When I ask for that section they act like I'm some kind of gun toting nut! and they're hands are quivering over the phone as if they're going to call the Feds on me. Okay, I admit it, they got the first part right about me but I am a law abiding citizen! Really, I am......!
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