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Originally Posted by easttex View Post
I would point out that the Dominican Republic is the other half of the island where the nation of Haiti resides and they're doing just fine relatively speaking. People vacation to resorts there and their government encourages foreign investment and manufacturing to move there. Dominican is one of the stops on a cruise I'm taking in a few weeks if I recall correctly.

Haiti on the other hand, is a festering open sore that won't heal itself. It might be Poppa Doc's fault for holding his people back for decades but give me a break - decades more of development and dollars in foreign aid and the best they can do is a starving nation of shanty towns? Give me a break. Educate their leaders and offer them guidance on how to get their shit together. But moving them all up here isn't going to help at all - and neither will it really help us, either.
The Dominicans did not engage in genocide like the Haitians did. The Haitians went on a rampage and killed all the whites and light skinned people on the island in a frenzy. Look at it now...they reap what they sow !.
Fired a Haitian guy last week. He got into America via Canada and has 7 kids by two different "bitches". He just got out of prison recently after a couple years in the pokey in Georgia.... something to do with a gun , a threat and a cop. The guy was personable and likeable enough but had hardly any skill set , motivation or proper hand tools for the job !...yet the temp agency paid him well.
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