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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Not a JB Weld kind of guy, lead is so easy to work with and is one of the best body fillers around and use it all the time. Am really at odds as picked up the latest A5 purchased from Guncroaker and it's too nice to butcher. The 16 gauge FN is still on shelf at LGS, man was in while working the counter and was looking at a modern A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge, blue steel and wood, not plastic and camouflage. He wants a 16 gauge Browning bad so pulled three A5's including mine from back room and showed him the FN was same exact shotgun but could let it out door for $400 plus tax.

He could not absorb the old FN had ten times the character of the new Browning and he could go out the door with it, bust clays and if didn't like it would get most of his money back trading in on the Browning. Said rather than wait, walk out with the FN and keep saving his pennies and my guess by time he had enough to buy the Sweet Sixteen would probably keep the FN and have a summer of practice in swinging basically the same gun. Looks like I am going to have to buy it as nobody seems to appreciate it but need to get my L2 and M1a Super Match off layaway before buy more long guns.

Considering going in search mode for a 12 gauge FN to do the Rhodesian combat conversion on. No engraving to fill unless trip across a truly ugly A5 that is dirt cheap and refinishing is 100% needed.
Not saying JB is the only route; a great welder could fill it with steel.
Just saying what worked in that situation, with that gun.
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