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So I have one of the A5 police/Rhodesian shotgun kits pictured very similar to one posted by SAFN49 and been looking for a host. Had three vintage A5's in the house but one is totally unmodified shotgun from wifes grandfather and her dad felt I would appreciate it more so came to me and have left it unmolested. Other two have already been modified with +7 and +8 tubes for huge, high capacity zombie smashers which live next to bed and my recliner. Purchased another pair and both have different levels of engraving which is not exactly what I want.

Found this FN in 16 gauge in LGS today which if in 12 bore would be at work for cut down and the police kit though already printed a digital wrap for forearm that matches rear stock nicely. Had the kit a month or so now and purchased not one but two hosts and still not happy. Below are pics of the FN 16 gauge, appears unmolested with number matching and no major stock cracks or splits.

I can take the 16 gauge home for $400 and already having a Browning A5 in 16 unsure if just redundant or fills hole in collection. Meanwhile not rushing into converting any of the existing Browning A5's as all are engraved at least some and think may keep looking for an FN in 12 bore. Opinions and is $400 fair for the FN in 16 gauge?
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