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Originally Posted by mp View Post
Not technically correct. Ford, Chevy, and Dodge have pushed out defective cars for years. Then there is a recall, and they are brought in for repair on the automakers dime. Never, that I know of, have any of the automakers been charged with "theft" in this type of instance. If DSA refused to honor their warranty, then it would be more "theft" like. Pretty sure I saw reference to a DSA having a receiver recall. And a bolt recall, and numerous other recalls.

I am not sticking up for DSA. Their QC sucks--we all know it. They are creating a product in which tools wear out, mounts can slip, etc. Every receiver I have received from them (all cast), I have been able to make run. Maybe I am lucky? We will see what the Mexico receiver I ordered will bring. Reading the Mexico thread, I see two individuals with three bad receivers. How many hundreds do you think DSA has sold during this contract overrun sale? With tool wear out, and tombstone jigs milling 14 receivers per, there are bound to be machining errors.
Machining errors are to be expected, little to no QC and sending out defective products is not.
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