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Originally Posted by 308/223shooter View Post
Yah, got that sorted, except now the bolt group won't come close to closing on a .253. Gauge. To be sure, this is the last DSA receiver I buy that isn't a early forged. Actualy, **** it. I'm sticking with Imbels.
And on that note, I'm so bloody disgusted with this thing, I'm ready to sell it as a barreled action with bolt and carrier. The barrel is the SLR CB proofed one I had in the MP, with the XM-177 style flash hider. I'll post pics tomorrow and in the market place, as I'm too pissed to deal with it tonight.

DSARMS_REP, take note. From the DSA web site:

D.S. Arms Inc. manufactures the (ENTIRE) FN FAL 7.62mm rifle system in the United States utilizing new tooling, improved materials and modernized processes.

DSA FAL rifles are completely interchangeable with the original F.N. metric FAL. DSA also produces spare parts and proprietary accessories for the FAL. DSA is not just a partsset assembler like others, but actually fabricates every FAL part in house and through carefully selected qualified long term vendors.

Marked 7.62x51mm Caliber.
Made in the U.S.A. by craftsmen, the U.S.A. Gold Standard FAL Receiver.
Precision CNC machined out of 4140 steel using original FN and Steyr blueprints.
Fully heat-treated, not just induction.
Features a Mil-Spec manganese phosphate finish.
Semi Auto 2 piece ejector block installed.
Unbeatable Lifetime warranty and quality.
Over 70,000 manufactured to date.

Manufactured by DSArms - All parts U.S. made!

I'm not a professional gunsmith. I'm a home builder who enjoys building and shooting the FN FAL. I've built my kits on Entreprise, Coonan, DSA, Century and even a Hesse receiver. Aside from the Hesse, this DSA receiver has been the most problematic for me.
How can DSA advertise these are manufactured to the same design specifications as the original FN and Styer blue prints, when they need so much hand fitting just so the bloody bolt carrier will fit the receiver rails?
I wanted to see for myself if these were a good product for the price. In my humble opinion sir, they are not. I'm certain if Mark charged by the hour to build on your receivers, the end cost to the consumer would make these a nearly $600.00 part, which is in the realm of a IN SPEC. FORGED receiver.
While the DSA alloy lowers and para stock parts, and railed cover are quality, the heart of the rifle, the receiver, as made by DSA, is not a good value for the home builder.
I implore you, as the company rep, to tell Dave to get his companies shit together, and fix the problems with his receivers. A lifetime no bull shit warranty is worth just that, bull shit, if the product is no good.
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