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Originally Posted by 4x401 View Post
I applaud your optimism, really. ��
....."more details on the steps we are taking and changes we are making will be addressed in a company statement that should be posted next week along with a point of contact for fal files members." Dsa

Well - Indentify the issues, consider them - rectify recurrence! Surely simple? Well the list could be reduced specifically to:- requires Machining, or requires wescog ingenuity! Thus, so that QC procedures could be centred about those issues, in indentification, such that offending items don't slip thru', and resulting in..... well whats going on here and now!
It has to be a QC issue, by the People meter, as an intermittent and sloppy in part procedure. The devil is always in the detail, and ignorance of the importance of detail - is that it will come back and bite you!
The admission that there is a new approach to the QC process, by DSARep, will be indicative that progress is being made - but proof is ultimately in the pudding! Our part would be to clean up our 'verbage and attitudes' and perhaps - can ultimately give endorsement. The Fal-file Stamp of Approval.

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