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Originally posted by DakTo
Have a few questions on the 3 types of metric receivers.

Why was the decision made by FN to put lighting cuts on the first production FAL receiver instead of squaring off the lower section as shown in the third receiver. (No cuts)

Is there any documentation of Type #1 or #2 receivers stress cracking while on full auto in the field?

How many trial rounds were fired in the FAL to produce a stress crack?

The reason FN decided to put lightening cuts on the original is that the designer, Dieudonne Saive, included all of these in the original specifications to keep the weight to design levels. Years later, Type 3 was the way to lower manufacturing costs, by eliminating many steps.

The militaries found the stress cracking. Don't know what records remain.

In typical weapons trials, a large number of rounds are planned between complete tear-down thorough inspections. Don't see any old records remaining, or particularly available for review.
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