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Originally Posted by the gman View Post
Was long before I was a cop. We had a Yahoo group and ALL avenues were tried to nail this bitch. Nothing worked, not the local DA, FBI, no-one wanted to do their fukcing job. I lived too far to go throat punch the bitch or I would have done.

So when I was a detective and had people ripped off by out of state assholes, I did my best to help them. Got an arrest warrant for a DB out of OH after he ripped off a local family on a race engine. Called local coppers and they went and arrested him. A friendly Judge let him out instead of holding him for extradition to NM but my victims had a certified check for the full amount he had ripped them off for within 2 days so justice was served...

Jonathon Arthur Ciener ran into a similarly determined copper and had to change his shitty business practices or face the slammer. Now the prick no longer accepts orders for stuff he doesn't have in stock and ships items promptly. Amazing what a trip to the gray bar hotel can do for people's attitudes...
Good on you...

I have had decent luck going to the Prosecutor's Office over checks that were written against closed accounts to me at shows.

Has to get over a grand to even maybe get Postal Inspectors interested and then it better be a Postal MO involved.

JAC actually had screwed over several different LEOs, one was a big money NFA deal & yeah he learned to do things mostly differently eventually
frankly though his BS was insignificant compared to Geoff Herring and his Shrike fraud. There are still folks who did the deposit back in the early 2000s he never made good with.

Warned friends way back when about businesses financing with Other Peoples Money.

Just a ton were jacked up by Attchison over his Assault Shotgun, another real awful one was the Bren 10
It's not just firearms by a long shot either
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