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My business is currently closing out an estate. We were called in to help out when the BATF agent saw the vultures moving in on the widow. Hubby was a Class III/SOT-7 and had over 70 toys in the attic. Had one well known Class III seller call and offer $125K for the entire lot. We laughed. If we sell everything at what we consider a fair and reasonable price we should get her around $250-300K - less our 10%. We've put ~ $140K into her account so far and still have about 30 guns to go. When the Class IIII stuff is done we get to start on the other stuff she has. So far at a casual glance we've found a US7S 1911, an Artillery Luger with snail mag, an American Eagle Luger plus a crap-load of suppressor-host pistols. It's gonna be a fun winter...
Oh yeah, we get an M-60 FA as part of our fee...
Guy had over 400 mags for the different guns - all loaded. Damn near wore out my hands unloading them, heh,heh.
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