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It was great to see everyone after a year hiatus!
CoffeeVixen, thank you yet again for keeping everyone fed, coffee'd up, and on the right track! For all the folks that hosted this (Rob, Brush5.11, Jim, etc.) thanks sooooo much!!! For all the folks that worked so hard to set up the steel and get things up and running, thanks!!!! Thanks to 4x401 for being the official timer and general badass to keep us safe and our heads in the right direction. Thanks to Brother Wayne for yet again the awesome spectacle of launching an anvil, a couple times. That just never gets old . And he is so ready to share his power of black powder knowledge goodness .
Tuscanraider, someday you gotta share with me your secret to your energy. I need to bleed some off you dude!
Yet again Milsurpmonkey brought out his cool off the wall stuff. Both vintage and black powder. Thank you for letting so many people fondle and shoot your cool stuff.
I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but be assured it was great to see and talk to you all!
All the folks are so cool and welcoming. I cannot wait for the fall gathering of miscreants!
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