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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
I put my real name on all my posts.
DSA's agents hide behind anonymity, with multiple people using a single user-name.

I am angry when DSA's agents lie about me.
DSA is angry when I tell the truth about them.

Curious, that. Must be a Chicago thing.
Well, this whole thing could have been handled with, thanks Mark for the information, we're going to take it and see what in the hell happened, and will make it right for our customers.

Attacking the bearer of bad news, is simply a bad business model.
Doing it in public on a forum like this, is plain old stuck on stupid.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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