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Originally Posted by 308/223shooter View Post
Against my better judgment, ordered one of the Mexico contract over run receivers. I'm going to take you at your word, that you're here to address and correct the issues with DSA receivers.
While I'm not the perfectionist Mark is, I can tell when a receiver is too buggered to build on, without professional machine work, by a professional gun smith. I'm a home builder, because I like to build and shoot these rifles as a hobby.
If I buy a new manufactured receiver, advertised as the only one made to original FN blue prints, I expect it should build as easy as a Imbel. If such is the case with the incoming receiver, I'll certainly post the results on this board. If in fact, it turns out to be buggered and needing rework, do I return it, wait for 3 to 6 months, then recieve it back un-touched and with the same issues as the last time I? Or will you, as DSA's rep, ensure it is returned to me in a buildable condition, without my having to pay shipping and such, like last time.
Just asking in advance, so I know how whether to send it back to DSA, or to Mark. Either way the wait will likely be the same, but I at least know when I get it back from Mark, it'll be repaired correctly.
We hear your concerns and we will be addressing this concern next week at this time we are going to wait till we release our company statement and point of contact so our customers will have a clear and concise understanding of why we want to come back on here and stay on here. We would like to refrain from childish behavior and after we make an official announcement expect that till then no new info on this account will be posted. Have a great weekend!!!

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DSArms Rep please contact with questions

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